Elevating Artistry: The Best Mohair Yarn for Every Crafters

Mohair yarn, revered for its unique combination of durability, warmth, and elegant sheen, is a luxurious “diamond fiber.” Sourced from the fleece of the Angora goat, Mohair is distinguished by its high luster and sheen. It is one of the oldest textile fibers, with a history as rich and diverse as the fabric itself.

Why Mohair Yarn?

Choosing Mohair yarn for your projects offers numerous benefits, making it a favored choice among crafters, knitters, and textile artists. Here are some key reasons to choose Mohair yarn:

  • Luster and Sheen: Mohair has a natural shine that gives finished products a luxurious and eye-catching appearance. This sheen also helps colors appear more vibrant and dynamic.
  • Durability and Strength: Mohair fibers are notably solid and durable. Products made with Mohair tend to last longer and resist wear and tear better than those made with many other fibers.
  • Lightweight and Warm: Mohair is an excellent insulator despite its lightweight nature. It traps heat effectively, making it ideal for winter clothing like sweaters and scarves.
  • Softness and Comfort: High-quality Mohair is incredibly soft, making it comfortable to wear against the skin. This softness also contributes to the overall luxurious feel of Mohair garments and textiles.
  • Versatility: Mohair blends well with other fibers, enhancing both qualities. This makes it an excellent choice for various applications, from clothing to home textiles.
  • Elasticity: Mohair fibers have a natural elasticity, which helps garments maintain their shape and reduces wrinkling.
  • Moisture Wicking: Mohair can absorb moisture while keeping the surface dry. This property makes it comfortable to wear in different climates, as it helps regulate body temperature.
  • Dye-ability: Mohair fibers take up dye exceptionally well, resulting in deep, rich colors that resist fading. This makes it an excellent choice for projects where color is crucial.

Process of Testing and Rating

The testing and rating process of Mohair yarn is a meticulous procedure that ensures the fiber’s quality, durability, and overall excellence. This process involves several key steps and criteria to evaluate the yarn’s characteristics and suitability for various applications. Here’s an overview of how Mohair yarn is typically tested and rated:

Fiber Inspection:

    • Assess the length and diameter of Mohair fibers, looking for fine, uniform fibers.
    • Evaluate the natural color and sheen, which should be bright and consistent.

Strength Testing:

    • Measure the yarn’s tensile strength to assess its durability and ability to withstand stress without breaking.

Elasticity Check:

    • Test how well the fiber can stretch and return to its original length, which is essential for maintaining the shape of garments.

Softness Evaluation:

    • Determine the softness through tactile examination, ensuring the yarn feels soft and comfortable against the skin.

Dye Affinity Test:

    • Examine how well the yarn holds dye, including tests for color fastness under various conditions (washing, light exposure) and the evenness of dye absorption.

Pilling Resistance:

    • Assess how resistant the yarn is to forming pills (small balls of fiber) with use, an essential factor for maintaining aesthetic quality over time.

Moisture Management:

    • Evaluate the yarn’s ability to absorb and wick away moisture, which contributes to comfort, especially in clothing.

Environmental and Ethical Assessment:

    • Review the sustainability of the production process and ensure ethical treatment of animals from which the Mohair is sourced.

Final Rating and Certification:

    • After passing these assessments, the yarn may receive a quality certification. Detailed information, including care instructions and quality ratings, is provided for consumer awareness and guidance.

This process ensures that Mohair yarn maintains its quality, durability, and luxury reputation, making it a sought-after material in various textile applications.

Top 5 Best Mohair Yarns

Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Rowan Kidsilk Haze is a luxurious yarn blend renowned for its exquisite softness and stunning sheen. Composed of a delicate mix of super kid mohair and silk, it offers an ethereal, lightweight feel that suits various knitting projects.

  • Luxurious Texture: The combination of Mohair and silk provides an incredibly soft and silky texture.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various projects, including shawls, scarves, and lightweight garments.
  • Color Range: Available in beautiful colors, from soft pastels to rich, vibrant hues.
  • Lightweight: Its airy composition makes it ideal for warm yet not heavy garments.
  • Blend Quality: The high-quality fibers ensure a consistent and durable yarn.
  • Price: It’s a premium yarn, which might be more expensive than other options.
  • Delicacy: The delicate nature of the yarn can make it challenging for beginners to work with.
  • Care Instructions: Requires careful handling and specific washing instructions to maintain its quality.

Neutral Points:

  1. Skill Level Requirement: Kidsilk Haze can be challenging for beginners due to its delicate nature. However, it also offers a rewarding experience for more advanced crafters looking to elevate their projects with luxurious materials.
  2. Special Care Instructions: Crafters should know that Kidsilk Haze may require special instructions, such as hand washing and laying flat to dry, to maintain its softness and integrity over time.
  3. Preference for Lace Projects: While versatile, Kidsilk Haze is particularly well-suited for lace knitting or crochet projects, where its lightweight and airy texture can truly shine.

Product Review

Review: I am pairing this yarn along with another to knit a really nice lace shawl

User: amy patterson

I have bought 8 skeins of this now. I am pairing this yarn along with another to knit a really nice lace shawl. This yarn is fuzzy and does shed of course, but if I put lotion on my hands before I knit, it tends to stay off of my hands ( and away from my face, nose, eyes, etc.). It is wonderfully soft and the consistency of color and size has not wavered once in the 6 skeins I have used so far.

Rate: 5/5


Review: Beautiful Yarn

User: Yimo

A great silk mohair yarn with pretty neutral color. I bought the old Italian version which is significantly softer than the current black labeled version. The price was decent too. However, I may try to use the Rowan Cash Haze for the next project to try it out. Mohair becomes too popular and the price is on par with the Cash Haze now.

Rate: 5/5

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Debbie Bliss Angel

Debbie Bliss Angel is a sublime blend of super kid mohair and silk, known for its featherlight and soft texture. This yarn exudes a subtle yet captivating sheen, making it a favorite for luxurious, lightweight knitting projects. It’s often chosen for its quality and the elegant finish to garments like shawls, scarves, and delicate sweaters. 

  • Exquisite Softness: The blend of Mohair and silk gives it a wonderfully soft feel.
  • Lightweight and Airy: Ideal for creating garments that are light and comfortable to wear.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various knitting projects, particularly those requiring a delicate touch.
  • Lustrous Finish: Offers a gentle sheen that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.
  • Color Palette: Available in various colors, from neutrals to more vibrant shades.
  • Cost: As a premium yarn, it might be more expensive than other alternatives.
  • Handling Care: Requires gentle handling, both during knitting and in maintenance.
  • Suitability for Beginners: Its fine texture might be challenging for novice knitters.

Neutral Points:

  1. Yardage: Some crafters appreciate the consistency, others may need to purchase additional skeins for larger endeavors, adding to the overall cost.
  2. Care Instructions: Like many luxury yarns, Debbie Bliss Angel requires special care to maintain its pristine condition. Handwashing in lukewarm water with mild detergent is recommended to preserve the yarn’s softness and sheen.

Product Review

Review: soft soft soft

User: SHOP!!

I’ve only just gotten started with my knitting project, but so far its wonderful and soft…and knits up just a bit fuzzzy. you will want to use a set of lace needles to make the knitting go a bit better.

Rate: 5/5


Review: Five Stars

User: Amazon Customer

Very soft and nice color. Color is a little different from picture.

Rate: 5/5

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Cascade Yarns Kid Seta

Cascade Yarns Kid Seta is a distinguished yarn that combines the softness of super kid mohair with the elegance of silk. This blend results in a lightweight and airy yarn, ideal for creating luxurious, delicate knitwear. It’s particularly favored for its fluffy texture and subtle sheen, which add a touch of sophistication to various knitting projects. 

  • Luxurious Blend: The Mohair and silk mix provides a plush, soft feel.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various projects, including lacy patterns and lightweight garments.
  • Color Range: A broad spectrum of colors catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.
  • Light and Warm: Despite its lightness, it provides adequate warmth, making it perfect for transitional pieces.
  • Good Yardage: Offers a generous amount of yarn per skein, making it cost-effective for larger projects.
  • Price Point: It can be pricey, reflecting its premium quality.
  • Fiber Delicacy: The delicate nature of the yarn might pose challenges for less experienced knitters.
  • Care Requirements: To preserve quality, special care is needed to wash and maintain garments made from this yarn.

Neutral Points:

  1. Personal Preference: The luxurious feel and halo effect of Kid Seta may be subjective, with some crafters preferring a smoother texture or a less fuzzy appearance in their projects.
  2. Project Suitability: Kid Seta is commonly used for shawls, scarves, and delicate garments; its versatility allows for experimentation with various project types, depending on individual preferences and creativity.
  3. Fiber Sensitivity: Crafters sensitive to animal fibers or silk may need to consider alternatives, as Kid Seta’s blend of kid mohair and silk may not suit everyone.


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Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair

Sandnes Garn Tynn Silk Mohair is a high-quality yarn from Norway, renowned for its exquisite blend of silk and Mohair. This combination creates a yarn that is incredibly lightweight and fluffy yet offers a distinct warmth and softness. 

  • Premium Blend: The silk and Mohair mix produces a soft, warm yarn.
  • Light and Airy: Ideal for creating comfortable and not overly heavy garments.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various knitting and crochet projects, from delicate to more robust designs.
  • Color Options: Comes in a beautiful array of colors, catering to different styles and preferences.
  • Quality Finish: Garments made with this yarn have a luxurious feel and sophisticated look.
  • Cost Factor: It may come at a higher price point as a high-quality yarn.
  • Handling Care: Requires gentle care in crafting and maintenance to preserve its delicate nature.
  • Knitting Experience: It might be challenging for beginners due to its delicate texture.

Neutral Points:

  1. Yarn Thickness: As the name suggests, Tynn Silk Mohair is a fine yarn, which may require smaller needles and more intricate knitting techniques.
  2. Care Requirements: Silk and mohair blend yarns typically require delicate care when washing and blocking to maintain their softness and integrity.

Rate: 5/5

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Berroco Aerial

Berroco Aerial is a finely crafted yarn celebrated for blending kid mohair and nylon. This combination yields a yarn that is both delicate and durable, with a light and airy texture. It’s mainly known for its softness and subtle sheen, making it a favored choice for elegant, lightweight knitting projects. 

  • Soft and Silky: The kid mohair blend produces a remarkably soft texture.
  • Durability: Enhanced by nylon, it offers greater strength and longevity.
  • Lightweight: Perfect for creating airy and comfortable garments.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various knitting projects, especially those requiring a delicate touch.
  • Color Variety: Available in various colors, from neutrals to vibrant hues.
  • Price Range: It can be slightly more expensive due to its high-quality blend.
  • Fiber Sensitivity: Some might find mohair fibers slightly irritating to sensitive skin.
  • Care Requirements: Needs careful handling and specific washing instructions.

Neutral Points:

  1. Limited Availability: While Berroco Aerial is widely available online and in select yarn stores, it may not be as readily accessible as other yarn brands. However, you can usually find it from reputable retailers with some searching.
  2. Fiber Blend: The blend of alpaca, nylon, and wool in Berroco Aerial offers a unique combination of softness, strength, and warmth. While some crafters may prefer yarns made from natural fibers only, others appreciate the durability and versatility of synthetic blends.

Product Review

Review:  Beautiful yarn

User: Tracey

I’m using this yarn to make a beautiful summer lacey scarf

Rate: 5/5


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Project Ideas with Mohair Yarn

Mohair yarn is perfect for various knitting and crochet projects with its luxurious texture and lightweight warmth. Here are some project ideas that showcase the unique qualities of mohair yarn:

  • Lace Shawls and Wraps: Mohair’s lightweight and airy nature makes it ideal for elegant lace patterns. A delicate mohair shawl or wrap is perfect for special occasions or a stylish accessory.
  • Lightweight Sweaters: Create soft, fluffy, lightweight sweaters that are warm without being bulky. Mohair’s halo adds a sophisticated touch to simple sweater designs.
  • Scarves and Cowls: Knit or crochet a cozy scarf or cowl. These projects are great for beginners and make beautiful gifts. Mohair adds a luxurious feel to these everyday accessories.
  • Knitted Hats and Beanies: Mohair yarn can add softness and warmth to hats and beanies, making them both stylish and practical for colder weather.
  • Socks: While not the most traditional choice for socks, Mohair can be blended with other fibers for warm, durable, and unique socks.
  • Cardigans and Ponchos: Create flowy, lightweight cardigans or ponchos that drape beautifully, thanks to Mohair’s light and airy properties.
  • Amigurumi and Soft Toys: Use mohair yarn for crocheting or knitting soft toys for a unique twist. The texture adds a fuzzy, cuddly quality.
  • Blankets and Throws: Combine Mohair with other yarns to create luxurious blankets or throws that are warm and inviting yet surprisingly lightweight.
  • Lace Curtains: For an elegant home décor project, knit or crochet lace curtains. Mohair yarn will give them a delicate, sheer appearance with a lovely drape.
  • Bridal Accessories: Use mohair yarn for crafting delicate bridal accessories like a shawl, a capelet, or even a decorative piece for the wedding dress.


Mohair yarn often hailed as the “diamond fiber,” stands out in the world of textiles for its unique blend of luxury, durability, and versatility. Sourced from the fleece of the Angora goat, Mohair is celebrated for its lustrous sheen, exceptional softness, and impressive strength. These qualities make it a premium choice for a wide range of knitting and crochet projects and ensure that items made with mohair yarn are beautiful and long-lasting.

One of the most striking features of Mohair is its natural brilliance. The fibers possess a high luster, which allows them to take dye very well, resulting in vibrant colors that enhance the visual appeal of the yarn. Additionally, Mohair is lightweight yet incredibly warm, making it an ideal choice for garments and accessories intended for cooler weather. Its inherent elasticity ensures that products retain shape over time, adding to the yarn’s practical appeal.

However, Mohair’s delicacy requires careful handling, both in crafting and maintenance. This aspect and its cost – often higher than more common fibers – might be a consideration for some. But for many, Mohair’s luxurious feel and elegant appearance make it well worth the investment.

In conclusion, mohair yarn remains a favorite among crafters and designers for its unparalleled quality and elegance. Whether used in knitting a cozy sweater, crocheting a delicate shawl, or weaving a luxurious throw, Mohair adds a touch of sophistication and comfort. Its sustainability and hypoallergenic properties further enhance its appeal, making it a timeless choice in luxury fibers.

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