how to get yarn for free

Discover How to Get Yarn for Free: A Handy Guide

Knitting and crocheting can be enjoyable hobbies, but purchasing yarn can quickly become costly, especially for those who love larger projects. Luckily, there are ways to obtain yarn without spending a dime. This guide will explore different avenues to obtain yarn for free and advise on acquiring yarn without incurring expenses.

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Key Takeaways

  • Getting yarn without cost is possible with proper research and networking.
  • Local yarn swap events provide opportunities to exchange yarn with others.
  • Joining online knitting communities can lead to yarn giveaways or free pattern sharing.
  • Social media platforms are valuable resources for finding free yarn.
  • Friends and family can offer unused yarn or participate in a yarn exchange.
  • Online classifieds and Freecycle groups may contain listings for free yarn.
  • Local yarn shops may have leftover scraps or unwanted yarn to give away.
  • Recycling centers or thrift stores may have donated or unwanted knitted items that can be unraveled for reuse.
  • Participating in yarn manufacturer surveys or product testing can result in free yarn.
  • Local libraries or community centers may offer free yarn for crafting programs or donations.
  • Repurposing household items like old t-shirts or bed sheets can provide free yarn for knitting projects.

how to get yarn for free

Explore Local Yarn Swap Events

If you’re looking for accessible yarn sources for your knitting or crocheting projects, local yarn swap events can be a great place to start. These events allow knitters and crocheters to exchange yarn, often at no cost. Not only can you score free yarn, but you can also connect with other crafters in your community.

To locate local yarn exchange gatherings, you can explore social media platforms like Facebook or Meetup, where groups frequently arrange and publicize such events. You can also contact local yarn shops or knitting groups to inquire about upcoming events in your area. Don’t hesitate to ask and network with other knitters to learn about free yarn opportunities.

Participating in a yarn swap event allows you to get free yarn for your projects, declutter your yarn stash, and exchange yarn you no longer need for something new. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Join Online Knitting Communities

If you’re looking for more ways to obtain free yarn for knitting, consider joining online knitting communities. Knitters and crocheters regularly organize yarn giveaways or share free patterns that include yarn. Plus, you’ll connect with fellow crafters and expand your knitting knowledge and skills.

There are many popular knitting communities and websites that you can join to find opportunities to get free yarn. Ravelry, for example, is a well-known online community where you can find free knitting patterns and participate in yarn giveaways. Another option is to explore KnittingHelp, a website that offers free video tutorials for knitting and features a forum where you can connect with fellow knitters, request help, or seek advice.

When becoming a member of online knitting communities, it’s essential to thoroughly review the rules and guidelines to ensure they are understood. Adhere to proper etiquette and show respect for the privacy of others within the community. Engage in discussions and contribute your expertise and insights when appropriate. Building a good reputation and relationship with the members may increase your chances of finding free yarn opportunities.

Additionally, you can search for Facebook groups or Instagram accounts dedicated to knitting and crocheting. Follow yarn companies, local craft stores, and knitting influencers on social media, as they often run contests, giveaways or share deals on free yarn.

Attending online knitting communities can be a valuable resource for finding free yarn for your knitting projects, expanding your network of fellow crafters, and learning new skills.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Indeed, social media platforms can be a valuable resource for finding free yarn opportunities. Many yarn companies, local craft stores, and knitting influencers offer contests, giveaways, or share deals on free yarn. Following these accounts and engaging with their content is crucial to take advantage of these opportunities.

To efficiently utilize social media, consider setting up alerts for relevant keywords such as “free yarn” or “yarn giveaway” on Twitter or Facebook. Another effective tool is the search feature on Instagram, where you can search for hashtags such as #yarnlove and #yarnhaul to discover posts from fellow knitters showcasing their free yarn discoveries.

Engaging with the knitting community on social media is essential to sharing your projects and participating in discussions. You never know when someone might offer to send you free yarn or suggest a contest or giveaway opportunity.

Seek Donations or Yarn Swaps with Friends and Family

Another great way to get yarn without spending money is by reaching out to friends and family members who may have unused yarn or would be willing to participate in a yarn swap. Sometimes, people may have yarn they no longer need or want and are happy to give it to someone who will use it.

If you have friends or family members who knit or crochet, you can also suggest a yarn swap. This is where each person brings their unwanted yarn to exchange with someone else’s unwanted yarn. It’s a great way to get new yarns to work with without spending any money.

Respectability and gratitude are essential when approaching others for yarn or a swap. Be clear about what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to exchange or offer in return if you’re doing a swap. Remember to maintain good relationships with those who help you, and don’t forget to express your appreciation!

For those who don’t have close connections to knitters or crocheters, another option is to join online yarn communities. These communities often have sections dedicated to yarn swaps or donations, where members can offer or request yarn. More information about this can be found in Section 3: Join Online Knitting Communities.

Keep an Eye Out for Online Classifieds and Freecycle Groups

If you’re looking for abundant accessible yarn sources, online classifieds, and Freecycle groups are great places to start your search. Many people list unused yarn on these platforms for free or for a small fee, providing an excellent opportunity to find free yarn.

To find these listings, search for “yarn” or “knitting supplies” on online classifieds platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can also join Freecycle groups in your area to access listings of items individuals give away for free.

When searching for yarn online, timing is crucial. Listings that offer free yarn often attract a lot of attention, so it’s essential to check regularly and respond promptly to any that interest you. If you come across a listing requesting a specific color or type of yarn that you don’t have, consider responding anyway. The owner may be willing to trade or offer you other types of yarn they have in exchange.

Contact Local Yarn Shops for Scraps or Unwanted Yarn

Another great way to get free yarn is by contacting your local yarn shop. Many shops have leftover scraps or unwanted yarn they are happy to give away. Building a good relationship with the shop owners or staff can increase your chances of getting free yarn.

When visiting the shop, consider asking if they have any yarn they no longer need or if they would be willing to donate yarn to a local knitting group. Showing appreciation and supporting the store in return can also go a long way in building a positive relationship.

If you can’t visit the store in person, consider contacting via email or phone to inquire about the possibility of obtaining free yarn. Some shops may also offer discounts or rewards programs for frequent customers, which can be a great way to save money on future purchases.

Make Use of Recycling Centers or Thrift Stores

If you’re looking for free yarn, take notice of the possibility of finding it at recycling centers or thrift stores. These locations often receive donated or unwanted items, including yarn or knitted items that can be unraveled for reuse.

To effectively search for yarn in these places, it’s best to check regularly for new arrivals. Remember that while these options may require some effort, the cost-saving aspect of repurposing yarn can be worth it.

Participate in Yarn Manufacturer Surveys or Product Testing

To get yarn without spending money, consider participating in manufacturer surveys or product testing programs. Many manufacturers seek feedback from knitters and crocheters on their products and may provide free yarn as a reward for participating.

To find these opportunities, start by checking the websites of your favorite yarn brands or manufacturers. They may have a section dedicated to product testing or surveys. Additionally, you can stay informed about potential opportunities by following their social media accounts and subscribing to their email newsletters.

When signing up for a product testing program or survey, provide honest and detailed feedback to increase your chances of receiving future opportunities for free yarn. These programs may also require you to sign a nondisclosure agreement, so read and understand the terms and conditions before participating.

Remember, participating in yarn manufacturer surveys or product testing programs is not guaranteed to receive free yarn. Still, it’s worth a try if you’re looking for new and innovative yarn products without cost.

Check Out Library or Community Center Yarn Stashes

Local libraries and community centers often provide free yarn to members for crafting programs or donations. These institutions may have a stash of yarn that can be utilized for personal projects. Inquiring about any available yarn or programs that provide free yarn to community members is recommended.

This can be an excellent option for those looking to start knitting projects without spending money. Not only can you obtain free yarn, but you can also connect with other members of the community who share the same interest in crafting.

Remember to support these community institutions in return by volunteering or participating in their programs. This can be a way to give back to the community while obtaining free yarn for your projects.

Repurpose Household Items into Yarn

If you’re looking for a genuinely cost-free option, consider repurposing household items into usable yarn for your knitting or crocheting projects. This eco-friendly method saves money on yarn, reduces waste, and promotes sustainability.

One of the most common household items that can be turned into yarn is old t-shirts. Cut the shirt into thin strips, stretch them out to curl the fabric edges, and twist them together to create a continuous strand of t-shirt yarn. This type of yarn is perfect for chunky knit projects or creating sturdy bags.

Bed sheets can also be repurposed into yarn. Cut the sheets into thin strips and stretch them to create a thin, smooth yarn. This type of yarn can be used for lightweight projects such as summer tops or lacy shawls.

Other items that can be transformed into yarn include plastic bags, denim fabric, and newspaper. The limitless possibilities allow you to craft distinctive, environmentally friendly projects while saving on yarn costs.


As you can see, getting yarn for free is easier than it may seem. You can obtain yarn by exploring local events, joining online communities, utilizing social media, seeking donations, and repurposing household items without spending a dime. Checking out library or community center yarn stashes, contacting local yarn shops, participating in yarn manufacturer surveys or product testing, and checking for online classifieds and Freecycle groups can also provide accessible yarn sources.

Finding free yarn saves money and lets you start knitting projects without financial constraints. Feel free to explore different methods and share your experiences with others. With these tips, you’ll be able to get yarn for free and start creating beautiful knitting projects in no time!

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